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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Well then,

Laying here being horribly ill and waiting for my photography work to upload onto google drive before going to sleep ready for college in the morning, I'd decided to update you with my latest idea for my latest project "Zombies" (Which, again, won't be the official title.) I did say prior to this, that I wanted to write this book with near to no plot planning - and although I still want to go by that, I've come to the conclusion that It'd be best that I at least planned out the key points throughout the book, so that I could have something to write towards and not just trail off on pointless story lines that don't amount to anything. I still, however, want for the journey's working up to each key point, to come naturally and without a pre-conceived idea of what I want to happen and how the characters will react. I want to be able to discover the characters myself, as well as the readers will, not just have flat character profiles - they need to be well rounded to be successful. Their favourite songs, their pet peeves, what they do when they're nervous, the time they got mugged, their first crush, whether they're a tea or coffee person - I want for my readers to be able to learn about my characters, I don't want for it to be a "I'm Tom - and I am a dick head..." type of situation. As a reader you want to be able to read the words and imagine a voice and a face inside your head - sure, the character may very well be a dick head - but the way you learn that is not through him telling you, but from the things he says - both to you, in the first person style of narration and also to the characters he speaks to. But that's not all he is, of course he can't be, that'd be far to basic for my liking - he may be an anti-hero, but a hero none the less - which means that we're going to want to like him, love him even, and to get to that point, we need to learn about the way he operates, the way he deals with things, his emotions and feelings.

Their are six characters in total which the book soley surrounds itself, I just used 'Tom' as an example.

Saying that actually! I might just start posting the character profiles onto here... which is from my initial planning and a way that I've been using to log information about the group, as I've been writing the book - as I happen to be brilliant at forgetting things. I'll leave out anything that might ruin the book - so just the basic stuff to get an idea in your head!
I'll do a character per post in the near future.

 I also want to start posting illustrations and such on here - as an artist, I can't help but want to connect my creative interests together!

 Anyway lil swagheads!
My photog has finished uploading, which means bed time for me!
Night guys!

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