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Friday, 8 November 2013

Let me just inform you on what it is that I'm doing here.

Let's start this shit off then!
I'm not entirely sure how this works, and I'm quite sure that I'm already doing it all wrong.
But using this blog, I hope to share my thought, ideas and obstacles whilst writing my books. I'm currently writing two books, one of which has hit a major obstacle, but I'll address that in the next post. Both books are quite a bit different from each other - but are also similar in some ways.
The first book, currently titled "Sam" is about a 16 year old girl whose parents happen to be secret agents, which she uses to blame them for neglecting her throughout her upbringing - after an incident she finds herself hiding in a secret location - the HQ for her parents agency. She goes through many hurdles as well as trying to figure out why she is being hunted along with help from her parents and other agents. Whilst being hunted she also has her priorities as a normal teenager: exams, picking a college, boys, crushes and building friendships. She along the way gains a type of super power which then re-moulds her life. Potentially taking away her previous plans and ideas about the normal life she so longs for? In the end, she has to make a decision. To become a superhero or go after her own dreams?

The second book, (which is currently nameless - we'll just call it "zombies" for now), is far less developed at this point. I am only 3 chapters in. But I can give you a brief idea - baring in mind that this time around, I've not planned key points in the book as I feel like writing the almost as if it is a journal for the characters. As a writer, experiencing the new stories and plot lines along with the characters.
The book is about a group of teens/young adults age's ranging from 19-22. Each chapter is in the first person text of a different member of the group. The group consists of; Thomas - the part zombie with a dickhead personality, Mitchel - the gentle soul with a hidden rage, Suzanne - Witch, girlfriend to Tom and an overall sweetheart, Elizabeth - Suzanne's lazy, morbid and sarcastic 22 year old sister, Hannah - Elizabeth's best friend who holds her secret as well as a seeming hate for the last group member... Jamie - Brash, loud, class clown and best friend to quiet Mitchel.
The characters are thrown into a zombie apocalypse brought about by an evil witch clan of three sisters. The group do their best to survive and also stop the madness that goes on around them by hunting down the evil clan. Suzanne and Elizabeth are keeping their witch identity a secret from the humans to avoid ridicule and being burned at the stake. They live with their very powerful and mad Uncle, who takes the entire group in to inhance their chance of survival - and also encourages them to stop the evil witches.
The book has started off with each character recalling the afternoon that the curse had begun....

"Sam" is a much more child friendly book, although aimed at 16 year old's, I'm well aware that people have a tendency to read books aimed at audiences older than them, so my real audience is pre-teens. Which means that I've avoided any swear words and overly vulgar language. But I have at times, mentioned drugs, alcohol and relationships - without getting too detailed. With "Zombies" I plan to aim it at my own age group - so young adults. Swearing is used, but in a way that we would use swear words in life, I've not over-exaggerated the use. I am, however, avoiding going into detail with the intimates of the relationships this is a zombie apocalypse book not an erotic novel. The book, I'm guessing, will also involve drugs and alcohol, potentially more than in "Sam" as it's 19 year old's that are more likely to be doing drugs rather that 16 year olds.
Both books will include a buttload of humour - my kind of humour. Although serious themes will occur, the characters will still make humorous remarks throughout the books.

I think I'll stop this post right there!
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