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Friday, 20 December 2013

"I'm really not sure what happened - I remember crying a lot. He started to drift away from me, and I started reciting a spell - but this was a spell that I'd never read before..."

- Suzanne Angeline

" ...that dirty slag snatched him up..." I got straight onto Skype to let Elizabeth know what'd happened, and during our conversation the - well, whatever it was - happened. It was kind of annoying - I was in the middle of topping up my rouge lipstick and it smudged all over!

I looked like a vampire after dinner time - so gross."

- Hannah Eloise

"Pathetic. I'm pathetic. Jamie's right - I didn't do anything. I couldn't. I tried to get myself to run forward and pick up bits of loose wood, but my feet wouldn't let me go. I thought up a thousand ways to kill the zombies - a thousand different tactics. But instead of doing them, I stood there. Doing nothing. Nothing more than a coward."

- Mitchel Day

"Suzanne was out with her boyfriend that day, Thomas. He's the worst - thinks everyone loves him or something. Arrogant little twat. She was out with him anyway, doubt it was a romantic date, more likely that they grabbed some McDonalds fries and ate outside as he smoked. "

- Elizabeth Angeline

"So there I was, playing FIFA against some kid in Japan, he was 100% cheating because he was winning 4:1. Dirty, dirty cheater. Anyway, Mitchel stood up and got all "did you feel that?" like, what the hell right? so I told him to shut up because I was mid-game, but seconds after the x-box glitched. The tv glitched. The lights glitched. The laptop - fucking guess what? - ye, it glitched."

- Jaime Hays

"I should also probably mention, that at the same time that I was resurrected, so was a whole bunch of other near death people - obviously we didn't realise that at the time, too busy dying and not dying or whatever."

- Thomas Denson