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Saturday, 9 November 2013

I have a situation on my hands...

So a while ago, I'm guessing in August my brother broke my laptop. He broke a little part in the back where the charger goes. Skip through time a bit and I've sent it off to PC World to get it fixed. And when I get it back I read the receipt to see that the thing I needed fixing cost £9 but they charged me another £50 to replace the hard drive. like, what the actual fuck? My hard drive was fine! Yeah it crashed every now and then, but it wasn't that bad and I didn't mind nor did I ask for it to be changed.

That hard drive has a hefty amount of my photography and video projects which pissed me off some, but what I'm mostly pissed off about being gone is my book, "Sam", I was thirty chapters in. It was my most up to date version! I worked fucking hardcore on that shit. I'd started planning it when I was 14! (I'm 19 now) so It's taken up a lot of my time, and I was incredibly proud of it. It may not be the next 'To Kill a Mockingbird' or the next 'Moby Dick' - but I hard worked hard on it and it wasn't okay that they fucking removed my hard drive. ffs.
Ruined my most proud work so that they could make another £50. Such a piss take.

But, It'll be fine. Not exactly a silver lining in the slightest, especially seeing as I'll have to spend more money, but I can apparently buy something called an external drive enclosure, which should let me use my old hard drive like an external one.

Don't know which one I am supposed to buy, so that's pissing me off too.
PC World are full of pricks.
But anyway, yeah. I won't be adding anything to "Sam" for a while. I have an old draft backed up, but it's only up to the 17th chapter and it doesn't have any of the changes that have been made throughout, so I can't just use that.
Hate PC World so much right now.

Here is an image I made to help show my feelings:

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