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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Character art!

As an artist, I find it helpful to create visual stimuli to help with the writing process of my book.

As you know, I've ceased the production of 'Sam' because it has a shitty plot, invented up by the 14 year old version of me.

So from now on, you'll only see posts of me updating you on my 'Zombies book'.


Here is a fashion illustration of one of the outfits I could possibly have 'Thomas Denson' in (although, I'm not 100% sure, just because it's not as scruffy and dark as I would picture him. Which is fine, this is only the first example, and it gives, at least, a general idea):

"I swivel ‘round, put my Doc’s on and start rolling a cigg as everyone else is panicking. Crandall sits next to me and starts revealing his plan of action or whatever."
- Thomas Denson

Chapter 12