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Friday, 31 January 2014


I have a friend from my school dayz, and she has a book out!
She's a brilliant writer. She won the poet laureate competition in 2013, I believe.
Her writing is incredibly poetic.
You should definitely check her out:
On Facebook:
Her blog:

And also, of course!, go purchase her book!!:

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Publishing situation..

So during 2013 at some point, I'd spent some time researching self-publishing and publishing, and at some point during this research, I apparently signed up to be considered for my own publishing consultant.

I think it was last week when a nice man rang me on my phone, and my being socially awkward, hung up after he said hello. He rang again, almost immediately after the previous call, so I asked a friend to answer instead and find out what he wants. He then had a conversation with the man, and I had no idea what they were discussing, but Jord then told the man on the phone to call back in 5 minutes. When he hung up I was like "What the tits mcgee?"
to which he replied "It's about publishing your book"

So then I was like "sheeeiiit"

I had started walking to the bus station with some friends in the pouring rain at night, and I received another call. I was supposed to be walking with Aidan B, but dude was late for his bus and had begun sprinting. 
This man on the phone, asked about my book, and if it was done, and how long it would be till it'd be done and how he had been assigned to me as my publishing consultant - which was freaking me out. I then stopped him talking and requested an email instead, as I was speed walking to the station in the rain and could barely concentrate.

I then hung up and slowed down to reveal that I had a publishing consultant, which the other two people walking with us had congratulated me on and offered his services for illustrating the cover - which was nice of him.

So, I was initially quite excited about this entire situation - but then I got home and I felt the pressure. And I didn't dig that - I'm a very laid back person, or at least, I like to be laid back. The more stressed I am, the more un-productive I am. And with the stress of college already among a tit load of other things, focussing on publishing just seemed like a daunting experience. So I sent him an emailed reply, saying that I'd prefer to not focus on my book and publishing at this time, and just focus on my studies...

When I've finished the book, I think that I might like to re-look into publishing - but I wouldn't want to self-publish.
Self publishing can be expensive and the success rate is not as high unless you know what you're doing. 

Anyway yeah - that's the story of how I had a publishing consultant, for like, six hours... maybe less.

Friday, 17 January 2014


After doing a tit load of research, and then forgetting about it for a few months, and then re-remembering about it, I went ahead and bought an external hard disk enclosure.

It's this thingy maboob, where you put an old hard drive inside, screw it all together and then using a USB, plug it into your laptop like it's an external hard drive (like a large memory stick).

Which means, you simpletons, I've got my book back!
The one that I initially called 'Cyborg Sam' - which is incredibly unfitting, considering that I switched the idea of her becoming a cyborg long ago, so for now, is called just 'Sam'.

I added in a few chapters that I'd written on my phone, and neatened it out a bit. Which gave me the chance to catch up on my gurl Sam. p.s the story is getting hella juicy!

I hope it finishes in under the next 20 chapters though.
It's just that I'm going through a tit load of chapters, and I just want the juicy juicy stuff to happen. And people to die and fight and I don't even know. But I want stuff to happen. Which it will. Because I'm in charge bitchez!

Anyway, like the title says #BackInAction #bitchez