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Friday, 17 January 2014


After doing a tit load of research, and then forgetting about it for a few months, and then re-remembering about it, I went ahead and bought an external hard disk enclosure.

It's this thingy maboob, where you put an old hard drive inside, screw it all together and then using a USB, plug it into your laptop like it's an external hard drive (like a large memory stick).

Which means, you simpletons, I've got my book back!
The one that I initially called 'Cyborg Sam' - which is incredibly unfitting, considering that I switched the idea of her becoming a cyborg long ago, so for now, is called just 'Sam'.

I added in a few chapters that I'd written on my phone, and neatened it out a bit. Which gave me the chance to catch up on my gurl Sam. p.s the story is getting hella juicy!

I hope it finishes in under the next 20 chapters though.
It's just that I'm going through a tit load of chapters, and I just want the juicy juicy stuff to happen. And people to die and fight and I don't even know. But I want stuff to happen. Which it will. Because I'm in charge bitchez!

Anyway, like the title says #BackInAction #bitchez

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